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Pinspired: Painting Chairs…

March 31, 2012

Remember when I posted about how to recover the seats of old chairs? Well to follow up I wanted to show y’all how I actually painted the chairs.

I used these two links to get me started:

Source: via Katie on Pinterest


Source: via Katie on Pinterest


Even after reading them I still researched ways to skip steps. I’m lazy like that. I wanted to avoid sanding and I wanted to avoid priming. After consulting my sources (Hi Dad!) I chose not to skip steps.

I bought these $1 chairs. Uh yes, I said they were each A DOLLAR:

Sorry for the crappy phone pictures, you can’t tell but they’re a darker wood tone. They were pretty neutral on their own but just didn’t match what we already have.

I took the seats off, de-glossed, sanded and primed them both in about 2 hours:

After letting them dry over night I spray-painted them a semigloss black that I think will match most of my existing furniture.

While painting I did run into this issue:

Seriously?! My paint crackled and not on purpose! It’s not all over the chairs but it’s enough to bother me. I let them dry and let the weather run through some of it’s craziness before I tried to fix the problem. Apparently it was due to the humidity and the fact that I was being impatient with the drying times. oops!

To fix the crackling paint I sanded those spots, which ended up being a A LOT, and then re-primed and re-painted.

The last step, assuming you don’t have crackling and need to basically start over, after letting them dry over night was a wipe on poly to seal it in and make it look really pretty!

Here are the products I used to work on my chairs:

I’m so ridiculously proud of my painted chairs I can’t even tell you…

Here is a quick before and after so you can compare:

I’m still kicking my self for not getting a better “before” picture to show the wood color but in person it was a pretty good transformation.

Have y’all ever painted furniture? Did I do anything differently then you would have done?

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  1. April 2, 2012 6:03 am

    Those look amazing! I’d be way proud too! Where do you find your steal of a deal chairs?

  2. Anna permalink
    April 9, 2012 5:41 pm

    These do look great!! I would be interested in knowing where you found the great deals on the charis as well!!

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