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Easter Weekend Recap…

April 9, 2012

I did not mean to take a break from blogging again but there hasn’t been much to report outside of our normal anyway!

Having a three day weekend is always fantastic, especially when you spend your Friday off crafting and day drinking with a friend. My friend Jenny is hilarious, she’s almost done nursing school and needed a day off worse then I did so we went to a fabric store and churned out ideas for curtains and pillows that we were going to DIY. We got our selves a big ol’ box of wine and set to work making ruffle curtains  that are going to be ahhhhmazing when they’re done.  We started watching Grey’s Anatomy for the first time and between that and the wine the day go away from us. Perfect for a day off! (Side note: Don’t drink and iron. I have a very painful blister to prove the reasoning. oops!)

Saturday morning, hangover in tow, I ran/walked another 5k. I know, who the heck am I?? I’m not sure either, and my legs are about over this stuff but this 5k benefits my mom’s company so it was worth it. I didn’t take any pictures at this one because I was doing it on my own and had locked my keys in the car after checking in. I beat my time  from the first 5k I did despite getting LOST for about 15 minutes (could I be dumber? who gets lost on a 5k path??) and even managed to run for a pretty good portion which I think made me want to die a little bit.  But woohoo! Done!

(Not only did I burn my arm while ironing, lock my keys in my trunk, and get lost during a 5k but I also fell down the stairs and have a HUGE bruise to show for it. How I manage to get through everyday is beyond me. I might be the clumsiest person I know.)

This past weekend though, my brother came in from school for the first time since Christmas and brought Ottis, his current foster puppy. As excited as we were to see Greg, Baby Ottis definitely got all of our attention and love. He is just about a year old and is mostly black lab. Ottis was hilarious, just awkward and full of energy, adding him to our routine with Finley was definitely crazy. I forgot how much fun puppies are!

I carried bones room to room to keep the dogs occupied and was constantly trying to teach Ottis manners even though he’s not mine. He was so cuddly and wanted to be by your side at all times, so things like sleeping and car rides became much more interesting.

On Easter Sunday we took the dogs to the beach to get some energy out and to introduce the ocean to Baby Ottis. We took lots of pictures and dug some holes. Even though it’s already April there is a part of the beach that allows dogs still so even though it’s a little bit further down and is boarded by rocks, the dogs still love it.

Ottis wasn’t a fan of the actual waves but was a huge fan of the sand. Greg took turns running with the dogs and by the end Finley wanted nothing more then to dig himself a ditch to lay in.

After the beach we had some brunch/lunch plans at a really yummy buffet before going home and relaxing some. My sister popped into town to introduce us to her new boyfriend and we got to see what the Easter bunny brought everyone. Luckily for all of us the bunny knew we are all of age and seem to be very thirsty:

My mom got some cute “Honey Bunny” bread and we got our first Britt’s of the year. We had some hibachi take out and last minute snuggles with Ottis. The worst part about fostering is by far the saying goodbye part, we were just getting to know baby Ottis and just like that, he’s gone. I think as much as Finley will be excited for his routine to go back, he’ll miss his cousin.

Happy Easter! Hope your weekend was as full as ours!

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