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April 12, 2012

I stumbled on this cute post about dinner table etiquette and thought it was adorable so I had to share!

{Photo Credit to the Cup of Jo blog}

 I love etiquette and have quite a few books on the subject but this was real life tips that people should know about eating dinner. And to be fair, even though I took my little etiquette class when I was younger, I didn’t know some of these tips!

And I think I’ve blogged about this book before, but since we’re gearing up for wedding season I thought I’d re-post my favorite wedding etiquette book:

With my wedding over and done with for a couple of years I do find that I have to brush up on my “wedding guest” etiquette pretty often. I can never really decide what the appropriate gift amount is, or even if I have my husband wear a jacket in July here in the south to an outdoor wedding… Troubling issues aren’t they??

Even outside of weddings I’m sure I could brush up on a TON of etiquette situations – like when is a lie ok? What if you wrote a thank you note for a gift promptly then never sent it? Is there a nice way to tell people they have bad etiquette? (I’m guessing no, but at work don’t you just WANT to??)

Do any of y’all have your favorite etiquette books or websites?

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