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Oh, Hey…

May 18, 2012

Remember me? The one who supposedly updates her blog pretty often?

I know April was weak and May has been straight up silent around these parts, and I’m sorry. I’ve missed catching up with some of my blog friends and keeping people up to date on what we’re up to. But bottom line is that I just haven’t felt that inspired to write anything and haven’t felt super interesting lately.

But for those who are interested, a brief update…

We’re still trying to get Albie down here full time and there’s only so much blogging I can do to complain about how we pay rent for him in a gross basement apartment with guys we don’t know. I don’t feel like I can openly whine about the lack of a job market here in my town when he has a fantastic job in his town – I know we’re at least trucking along and should be thankful for both being employed.

But besides all that job search stuff, here’s what the Lange’s have been up to since my un-intentional blogging break:

  • We celebrated our 3 year wedding anniversary (separately since it was on a Tuesday). No fan fair this year.
  • My brother graduated from college (Go Wolfpack!)
  • My sister almost had open heart surgery but she has postponed it for the time being.
  • I still live at home with Finley and my Mom.
  • I started a cute little herb garden.
  • I am planning a friend’s baby shower.
  • I am couponing and tracking my savings like a nerd on excel.
  • I’ve only been to the beach 5 times but have already gotten 2 sunburns to show for it despite the reapplication of SPF 50.
  •  I’ve gotten quite clumsy and have fallen down some set of stairs at least 4 times in the past month – what’s my deal?
  •  I’ve started watching Grey’s Anatomy from the beginning and am almost entirely caught up to the current season.
  • Starting Grey’s from the beginning means I have let all my other shows sit in a queue unwatched.
  •  I have not read a single book in longer then I care to admit, longer than my radio silence on the blog anyway.
  • We went under contract on a house, but it’s a short sale so we’re trying not to get excited. Two months and counting with no closing date in sight.

I really am sorry for the lack of posting, commenting, and tweeting. Besides feeling like I’m not super interesting right now, I hate to sound complainy and somedays that all I want to do.  I promise to try and be better and maybe even upload some pictures off my camera.

Thanks for being patient with me :)

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  1. May 22, 2012 4:42 pm

    Hey, you have been keeping up better than me. I was doing good until we moved in Dec 2010 and I basically didn’t blog for a whole year. When I decided to get back into it, I wasn’t even feeling my blog so I just started a new one. I’m trying to make a better effort now that we moved again back to Dallas. It’s just hard to come up with content sometimes when you don’t have much going on.

    Congrats on your wedding anniversary. I’m sorry you had to spend it apart, but hopefully things will come together soon.

    Don’t you just love Grey’s?! I tell my husband they are my TV friends. haha.. I can’t wait to see how everything unfolds next season.

    Good luck with the house!!

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