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New NC State Graduate…

June 13, 2012

I am super behind in some blog posts so I figured the best way to get back in the groove of posting was to just start putting up some things that happened as I clean off my camera.

Being that Albie and I are NC State graduates we were super proud of my little brother when he graduated from State this past May.

I think the longest part of such a big graduation ceremony has got to be the processional. It went on for what felt like an hour and of course not only was my brother’s department one of the last to enter but he was at the end of the line. Why they make the students get there hours before hand is beyond me…

Isn’t that an amazing sight? Look at all that Wolfpack RED!

Besides Greg graduating I was SUPER excited to hear the commencement speaker. The year we graduated the speaker was no one special and I can’t to this day remember what they talked about. My brother’s class got San Diego Charger’s Quarterback, Philip Rivers! Color me jealous since I have had a mega married-girl crush on him since he was a student at State and we watched him play as students.

His speech was excellent  – he spoke about having priorities and how his were “Faith, Family and Football… in that order!”

After the big graduation ceremony we headed across campus to his departmental ceremony where he got to walk across the stage and shake hands with all of his professors:

Pardon the facial hair on this kid – he did major in Parks & Rec with a minor in Outdoor leadership so I guess the Grizzly Adams look is kind of to be expected. As is the moose tie?

Woohoo Greg! We are so proud of you and excited to see what you do next!

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