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2012 Spring Football Game…

June 14, 2012

Not sure I could be going too much further back in time for the sake of catching up but I wanted to put up pictures from the NC State’s Spring Football game back in early April.

Every year our fans come out by the thousands to watch whats basically a glorified scrimmage. In past years the game was simply known as the “Red/ White” game but with the passing of Kay Yow we renamed the game and made it an opportunity to raise money for Breast Cancer research through the Kay Yow Cancer Fund.

I have to be a little honest and tell y’all that I really like the opportunity to wear PINK! I don’t even own that much pink but it’s fun to fit the theme and show support at the same time.  You can tell my cute friend, Megan, agrees with me.. Albie sticks to his red obviously.

Our Spring Game was also aired on ESPN this year so they had all the fans sit on one side of the stadium and despite a pretty rainy and cold (read: 65 degrees) day we had a great turnout! An article released after the game says that this one game raised over $26,000 for the Kay Yow Fund! Isn’t that awesome!?

Only 79 days until NC State football kicks off! Tickets have been ordered and we’re going to have our tailgating gear out of storage! We’re READY!

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