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Getting Ready for the House…

June 25, 2012

This is our last week being “homeless” and I am so so excited to close I literally dream about it all night! We only have this week to wrap up some things we actually have a lot going on but it still feels like I’m trying to run in mud!

My to-do list before closing includes (with completed tasks cross off):

  • Collect boxes for packing
  • Start to pack room
  • Get Insurance quotes
  • Set up insurance with escrow
  • New Roof quotes
  • Get new roof installed
  • Home Inspection
  • Home Appraisal
  • Pest Inspection
  • Call Direct TV for set up date
  • Get Time Warner appointment for internet
  • Research refrigerators
  • Buy new refrigerator
  • Research washer & dryers
  • Buy new washer & dryer
  • Figure out paint colors
  • Organize garage for moving
  • Give Storage unit 2 week notice
  • Change address with Post Office
  • Set up carpet cleaning
  • Set up carpet stretching
  • Set up Progress Energy in our name
  • Set up Water & Trash in our name
  • Book movers
  • Review final HUD statement
  • Get closing cost check

I’ve been plugging away at my lists since the end of May when we found out we’d be getting the house but it still feels like a million things have yet to be done. And it feels like the BIG stuff is what’s left too, which is frustrating.

The roof on the house is old and not in good shape and we worked out a deal with the sellers to get a new roof done before closing. That should happen this week and I am so excited to see it!

We have spent HOURS (and hours and hours and hours…) researching new appliances since we are not getting the ones in the house currently (long story for another time). We made the fridge the priority since, ya know, eating is important. And after weeks of looking and being close to purchasing a few we finally found one on Saturday at Sears:

I am like over the top excited about my new fridge. Isn’t she pretty??

Next up on the appliance list is a washer and dryer set so of course I’m all overwhelmed with the options:

I am leaning away from front loaders due to the smell issues and Albie is a little timid about the digital controls. Regardless of the style I am so excited to get away from the water wasting, agitator style of the older styles! Buying new appliances is hella expensive but I am kind of glad to know that what we buy now will last for a long time!

Anyone purchase a new set recently and care to share how you got to your decision?

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  1. June 25, 2012 1:26 pm

    Fun times for you guys! Love the picture of you and your new fridge! I wish I could get a new washer and dryer! I’ve already told Jon whenever we buy a place, I want ones that get our clothes clean and don’t shrink them! :)

  2. June 25, 2012 2:23 pm

    We looked in to washers/dryers b/c we didn’t know if we’d get ours with the house (same with fridge, and your’s looks BEAUTIFUL!). I decided we would get a top loading HE one that you could open the lid after the wash had started. Couple reasons why, but the biggest one was that everyone I know with a front loading washer has to leave it open when not in use so MOLD doesn’t build up. Otherwise it doesn’t dry out b/c it doesn’t drain as well as top loaders. I was shocked at how much water the HE ones save, so I would at least get a top loading HE, but I do crafts in my washer which sometimes requires you to open the lid mid-cycle, plus I always forget to throw hand towels, etc in until after the load has started. All the front loaders and some top loaders lock the lid. I just was freaked out a little about the the lid locking and filling up with water… it just scares me with the thought of pets and little kids around some day. I also would have probably gone towards dials instead of digital, just because it’s cheaper initially and probably cheaper to repair, and I would rather spend my $ on more wine :)

    Disclaimer: All this advice is hypothetical. We ended up getting our fridge/washer/dryer with the house and ended up not having to buy any new.

  3. June 26, 2012 12:27 am

    We just purchased our first washer and dryer about a month ago! We ended up going with this top loader (it’s HE) from Sears

    I went back and forth on front loaders and top loaders, but like others have said, the mold issue sounded no fun, and I had just heard so many complaints. So far, I love the one we chose. It’s a great washer and has TONS of room in it with that wash agitator. I’m glad we went with the top loader. For a dryer, we just went with a basic model. A dryer is a dryer to me. Didn’t need a fancy one.

    Also, I bought mine online so we could get cash back with ebates, I think I ended up earning about $50 doing it this way instead of purchasing it in the store. Just a tip :)

  4. June 28, 2012 4:17 pm

    This is all so exciting!! :) I love the picture of you with your fridge–you are so hilarious! Regardless of the washer/dryer combo you go with–they now make washer cleaner. I think it’s made by Tide. I’m obsessed with using it because of how good it makes our laundry area smell. :)

  5. lindsey permalink
    July 9, 2012 4:49 am

    I think that is the same fridge we got when we bought our house- we love it! It is so big! Did you have to get counter depth or normal size? I can’t wait to hear more about the house- congrats!!

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