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Yay for August…

August 13, 2012

I know I posted a while back how excited I was for August but now we’re int he swing of things and it is as awesome as I had hoped! Yay!

First weekend in August we went to the Beer, Bourbon and BBQ festival again. This is our third year but first not living in town, so figuring out the driving logistics around a day drinking event was fun. Spoiler alert: I was the DD.

It wasn’t too bad. It was really Albie’s event since I am much more a wine and fruity cocktail girl, notsomuch a bourbon at 1 in the afternoon girl. It’s also a group of his friends that go so I’d prefer to drink my gallons of water in the shade and look forward to a glass of wine at home at the end of a couple hour drive.

I also got to host my first shower this weekend for my good friend Amanda who is due at the end of September. I had the BEST time planning this shower and it kind of took over my life. I hunted for anything that would fit the theme and crafted like it was my job. It was so fun to finally see it all come to life on Saturday.

We had a great time and I hope to get more pictures from people soon so I can do a full post on all the details!

Today also marks the 18 day point on the countdown until our Season opener for NC State football! We are so excited to see them play in Atlanta as a part of the opening weekend kick off games but nothing gets us more jazzed about the season then having the fed ex man deliver these goodies over the weekend:

And last but not least, today is Albie’s first day at his job. He seemed excited about it this morning, complete with wearing a tie and leaving 30 minutes early even though we are super laid back here!

I’m so proud of him for sticking out this job search for so long for us. It will be so nice to settle into our routine this week. Here’s to hoping he doesn’t want to leave so early every morning, if he wants me to carpool with him I’d have some serious adjustments to make.

Yay for August!

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  1. August 13, 2012 4:23 pm

    I am so excited for this month for you!! And, I can’t believe Albie is finally living in Wilmington!!!

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