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I enjoy reading books that have a whole lot of nothing to do with my everyday life.  Because I love reading and I enjoy  looking at what I have accomplished I am going to keep this page as a record of my past reads. This is not a list of every book we have ever read (and by we, I mean me – but Albie and Finley get the pleasure of having me absorbed into a book and then me talking about them like the characters are friends of mine so lets include them too) .

I will say first that I am in no way claiming to be a top notch scholar or world class reader; I read because it’s fun and because these books are typically entertaining and quick. I also love audio books because the radio just hasn’t been cutting it for me, so I will count those too. Have a suggestion for me based on what I’ve read int he past? Tell me! I love to find new books and authors…

I Joined Good Reads. com to help keep up with what I want to read and get ideas for what’s next! Like every other social media outlet you can be my friend there too!

I am also a part of the Book Beginnings and Bookends blogger book club!

NOTE: Clicking on a picture of a book will only make a picture larger. You may however click on the name of the author in pink and that will take you to that author’s homepage for more information:

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  1. Rachel permalink
    August 22, 2010 8:53 am

    Good choice of books there. I enjoy Nicholas Sparks as well. I’ve read Twilight and a few of the others you’ve listed as well. However, I just adore historical fiction books, particuarly anything to do with WWII. I don’t mean the biography types of books – I’m talking about books that are truly classified as fiction, (because the characters are usually false names) but are set and deal with true historical events.


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